About us

Wombn of Yahawah

Tending to the feminine waters with reverence to The Most High

Wombn of Yahawah is an offering of prayer, respect and nourishment for the womb. We provide hands on, in-person and virtual support for wombn and families. We pray to serve as a reminder that you are holy & whole.

Moon Cycle

The sacred time of the month, a time of rest and release. To bleed represents growth, life and wisdom. With proper preparations a cycle can be rejuvenating and healing. Wombn of Yahawah prays to offer wisdom to wombn and their families around this time. Our prayer is that she can experience menstruation with respect, honor and ease.

Wombn of Yahawah also offers a First Moon Circle, in which we pray to hold space to celebrate a young wombn's first bleed. It is a rite of passage, a becoming, a rebirth and a return to the womb. We pray to educate wombn on how to holistically care for themselves during their monthly bleed and for their families to know how to support their bleeding too.


The mainstream narrative is that a wombn only needs 6 weeks to heal after giving birth, and even less time after a miscarriage or abortion. A wombn's truth is that she may be healing for years. Wombn of Yahawah honors your postpartum time and all its many forms. Whether you had a beautiful birth or a traumatic one, whether you gave birth in the hospital or at home. Whether your pregnancy resulted in life or otherwise - this is your precious time. Our prayer is to support you in feeling nourished, safe and loved.

Five weeks or 5 years after your pregnancy experience, there is no end point. Pregnancy is a complete rebirth of self and that ceremony brings much opportunity for inner and outer work.

Corrin Moses

Wombn of God | Mother | Wife | Sister | Womb Care Provider | Yoga Guide

Corrin Moses created Wombn Of Yahawah in 2019. She was inspired to expand her role as a wellness provider during her pregnancy. "When I was reborn into a mother I found clarity in my purpose. We need our mothers to be healthy and we need to restore harmony with The Almighty. I pray to do that through my sharing & services."

Prior to becoming a mother, Corrin spent her early twenties reconnecting with Creator and her ancestral knowings. She learned more about earth medicines, returned to prayer and invited healing into life. "Since I was a little girl I have questioned the lack in holistic tools for wombn and children. I have felt heartbroken by the dysfunctional teachings of God, self-care, medicine and the childbearing time. There is a wounding across our nation and an existential need to restore harmony."

Corrin is a certified Postpartum Care Provider through Innate Traditions by Rachelle Garcia Seliga, and a certified yoga teacher through Yoga Oasis. She is well traveled having lived in over 10 states and 2 countries. Currently she resides in New Mexico, is willing to travel around the southwest and is available for online sessions.

"I am a seeker of wisdom and innerstanding from Creator God. I believe in human's abilities to self-heal through the power and grace of the Divine, earth medicines and ancestral knowledge. My prayer is to empower wombn to look deeper than the surface and trust our inner knowing. My prayer is to break down what has been normalized against healing and restore what is sacred. I humbly revere the divinity of the womb as a God given gift. I feel, I witness, and I know that womb health is world health. My prayer is to witness this collective remembrance in future generations."

All Praise To The Most High