Moon Cycle

A wombn’s period is a natural, beautiful release. For majority it occurs monthly, but the minority are well-informed on how to deeply nourish their womb at this time.

There is nothing ugly or dirty about blood. It is the way society has taught us to view her period that needs cleaning up. With tuned in menstrual care a wombn can have a period with little to no pain, cramps, clots or any of the undesirable symptoms. Bleeding can also be an energetically grounding experience with herself and The Creator. 

Wombn of Yahawah’s care & education for this moon time includes:

  • Rejoicing at her moon's arrival
  • Real rest: what it means and what it looks like
  • Keeping the womb warm
  • Nutrition and how the foods we eat are directly linked to having a healing, comfortable bleed
  • Not plugging the flow
  • Chemical free options for care & hygiene
  • Cycle tracking
  • Fertility awareness
  • After care

Moon Honoring

Wombn of Yahawah was created with future generations in mind. We think of our daughters and the world around them. We pray for their protection and Creator’s guidance. We pray to see them appreciate their bodies as divine and to treat themselves like angels. 

The first time a young wombn bleeds is her initiation as a wombn. Her womb is activated, she is present with the gift to bring life, she is tuned into her ancestry, she is healing herself and her lineage. Wombn of Yahawah prays to honor this time by holding sacred space for a young wombn’s becoming. We aim to co-create the celebration with the wombn she holds close to her heart. We pray to uplift the knowing that her wellness is a priority, her blood is nothing to be ashamed of and her feminine nature deserves celebration.

Whether it is your daughter’s first bleed or your first bleed after a pregnancy, Wombn of Yahawah is full of joy to honor your moon’s arrival. We are also thoughtful to the fact that this missing ceremony in our upbringing may be leaving a void in a wombn’s life. It is never too late to call in this circle of love and honor for your womb.