We honor all periods of life, whether you are planning for motherhood or you are seeking womb nourishment; whether you are a new mother or your children have left home; whether your pregnancy resulted in life or otherwise - we see you, we feel you, we cherish you sister.

Elemental Package

This package includes most of the wellness offerings at a foundational level. We suggest this package for wombn who may be new to the language used and are craving a shift. This package does not include prepared meals or materials for the spa-day essentials.

Ceremonial Package

This package includes all wellness offerings and some materials for your spa-day essentials. A select number of prepared meals will also be provided. We recommend this package for wombn seeking deep, soulful support.

Full Moon Package

Pregnancy & Labor Nourishment. This package is for expecting mothers who are seeking support during pregnancy and labor. This includes a select number of prepared meals, some materials for spa-day, supporting you in labor preparations and being with you as you need us during your birthing ceremony.

Vibration Alignment

An opportunity to connect and align for your sacred journey. We can meet over coffee, the phone or via video-chat 

All packages are customizable to ensure you and your family feel supported.

Financial Support

We believe there is an essential need for love and support within our mothering community. We are facing an epidemic of maternal dis-ease and we pray to be apart of the dismantling of such.

When wombn are taken care of so are future generations.

When Creator is remembered the world can feel healing.

For this reason, Wombn of Yahawah is able to offer a sliding scale discount to a limited number of wombn per month. Payment plans are also available. Please don't hesitate to ask

What is a "sliding-scale"? Sliding-scale pricing allows those who can pay the full price of our services to do so, allowing us to offer our support at lower prices when necessary. 

"God in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, right early."

Psalms 46:5