Kind Words from Sacred Wombn

"We are reborn and becoming. That deserves sacred space and care"

Her kind words and ability to be fully present in conversations to do with the journey of motherhood are so understanding, reassuring and honest.

Rachel Kuczynski

professional dancer

In this season of unlearning and deconstructing, our beautiful Corrin has been with us every step of the way, from holistic remedies for sickness to natural and cleaner ways of eating.

Our hearts, bodies and minds have been the better because of her wisdom, faith and love.



"I've never been much of a tea drinker but since postpartum I've had this desire for extra nourishment. This blend [Milk Flow] is by far my absolute favorite eveeeeer!!"

Joanna Casilla


"Corrin is a big hearted, deeply spiritual, loving mother. She walks a path of integrity that is grounded in careful training as a Postpartum Doula. I would trust her completely for this service."

Beatriz Giraldo MA, LMHC

Mental Health Counselor & creator of Dancing Toward Your Center

Corrin radiates a loving & nurturing presence and offers a deep friendship with her support. I really appreciated her sensitive nature when I expressed a need & her unwavering enthusiasm throughout my pregnancy journey.

Although she did not make it to the birth, her creations with high vibrating & nutrient dense foods brought so much energy to my postpartum body. I believe that Corrin is a gift. Any womban who chooses to include her on their birth/postpartum experience is a lucky one 🦋

Rasa Kalyani

owner of Sumedha Wellness

"Corrin, Sacred Woman and Mother, carries herself in her life-ways in a manner that is respectful of all those around. She inspires me to trust life, trust our journey, and embrace ourselves in unconditional Love. I am looking forward to Corrin's presence during my Birth Ceremony one day, as she is supporting me as my prenatal doula now. She is bringing me honorable preparations of preconception for my journey into motherhood. I am with full confidence that Corrin stands by my side for my birth vision requests and rights. I encourage with genuine regards to reach out to her for her help in your birth ceremony, preconception, prenatal, birth, and postpartum. Corrin cooks whole-food balanced meals and has in-depth knowledge of supportive practices to grow as a Sacred Woman. I am moved by depths of gratitude for the gift and honor to know Corrin, to cherish her as one of my most trusted friends, & Doula. "

Bailey Sonora

owner of Bija Birth

Corrin and I connected during my postpartum time. I was feeling slow getting back to my usual self physically. She is gentle but she's going to treat you like a real friend should and tell it like it is. The movement and eating plan we made I actually enjoy doing and I am feeling the recovery process.


boy mom

Growing up my family did not talk about health or use words like sacred when talking about our bodies. Getting my first period was awkward and I know now that is not how it should be! I am so grateful to have worked with Corrin for her natural way of teaching me how to take better care of my menstrual cycle. I feel that my health troubles started there, but thanks to her guidance I am feeling more confident and positive.

Madison Jones

real estate agent

I have been drinking Corrin's postpartum tea every day for two months and am thrilled with the results. From the first cup I could feel the herbs toning my uterus. I am recovering from giving birth to baby #2 and have appreciated all of Corrin's knowledge in addition to giving me this tea. I think the tea is good for my skin too, because it has been glowing!

Lacey B.

proud stay-at-home mom