All wombn have an inborn knowing of what is best for her and her children. It is deeply rooted in her DNA. Too often wombn are told to suppress this knowing, to silence their intuitions and follow the "more acceptable" norm. In our wellness services we pray to serve as a reminder that truth is sent from The Most High. The gift you have been given to see clearly and nurture yourself is not one to be questioned. Our prayer is to support you with the tools for honoring your voice, trusting your choices, and loving yourself without guilt.

"Whether you have been pregnant or not - The strength & power of your womb deeply requires nurturing & tending to. By connecting to our sacred center, we awaken our God given potential. We can heal more deeply, we can live more gracefully."
- Corrin Moses, creator of Wombn of YHWH


- Holistic Body Treatments: Yoni steams, face masks, bath blends & more. Spa-day essentials using organic materials. Check out our "Womb Supplies" tab

- Ancestral Traditions: Womb wrapping, closing of the bones, prayers, songs & more

- Food and Nourishment: Discussing how our consumption choices effect our growth, health, and vibrancy

- Movement: Yoga, ecstatic dance and lymph massage.

- Family Support: Sometimes we are out of sync with our loved ones or have differing opinions. Ideally this would be conflict free. If you need backing or guidance navigating conversations with loved ones, we are here for you. It's not for the sake of "being right", it's finding the capacity within ourselves to love and accept