Womb Supplies


Your body is a temple and it deserves the best. Wombn of YHWH's Bath Teas are created with only the highest quality, organic earth medicines. We source pure essential oils for infusing into the salts. We have trusted herbalists for the plants we select. And we never use any ingredients that would be harmful to your vagina.

Each blend is customized to be in harmony with YOUR unique constitution & needs. Once your order is received you will be emailed a questionnaire where your answers determine your blend's ingredients.

Our bath teas are created to support the vagina's natural pH levels and encourage balance. Phases for using your blend include:

  • Near the end of your period (and again upon its completion) to support your womb in its cleansing process
  • While pregnant to help tone your yoni for birth and to deeply relax
  • During the postpartum time for restoration and warmth
  • Before or after making love
  • Recovering from a vaginal infection
  • Maintaining wellness & nourishment

Brews 4 baths
*this product is for external use only, do not ingest

$30 + shipping 


Wombn of Yahawah offers three specialty tea blends:
Moon Cycle Minerals, Postpartum Recovery
and Mothers Milk

All of our womb teas are caffeine free, balancing, hydrating, & heart opening. As always, we use high quality, organic ingredients.

Moon Cycle Minerals: This blend is great for drinking before your menstrual cycle begins to reduce the risk of PMS. It is also comforting for drinking during your bleed to relieve such symptoms and support the body in its gentle cleansing process.

Postpartum Recovery: Toning and rejuvenating, this blend aims to strengthen a healing womb after your pregnancy experience.

Milk Flow: When a wombn is nursing it is so important she stay hydrated, healthy and comfortable. This tea will do just that while also increasing her milk supply.

Our Womb Teas have been enjoyed for additional reasons including:
  • Treating ovarian cysts
  • Clearing yeast infections
  • Preparing the body for fertility
  • Recovery from birth control damage
  • Moving away from caffeinated beverages

All three tea blends may be enjoyed anytime to maintain full-body wellness.
We love drinking these teas straight up and as a tea latte with maple & a splash of cream!

If you are interested in a custom drink blend, please don't hesitate to ask.

Brews 16 cups of tea

$20 + shipping

Disclaimer: Wombn of Yahawah's care-providers are not licensed medical professionals. Wombn of YHWH's products and advice make no claim to cure any medical problems. Our products are made with naturally derived ingredients, which in rare cases may cause sensitivity in certain individuals.