Womb Trauma

Wombn of Yahawah's trauma support is for wombn seeking the tools for harmony, release and presence. The power of a healthy womb radiates throughout our body, our inner being, our relationships, and all of life. The womb is a sacred space of creation, vulnerability, passion and beauty - and it is the storing space of energetic imprints.

  • Depression
  • Emotional Stress
  • Patterns of Self-Sabotage
  • Unhealthy Relationship to Sex
  • Guilt and Shame
  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Physical Pain in the Womb, Joints, Back & Shoulders
  • Reoccurring Health Issues
  • Intense Mood Shifts
  • Anxiety

Traumatic experiences leave a mark on us for life. When we ignore the wounds (or are ignored), we create life long dis-eases. There is an unfortunate expectation for how wombn and mothers must represent themselves. In your vulnerability and in your strength, you deserve to be respected and honored. Traumatic events do not define you nor are you to be reduced by a label placed on you. We all have the ability to self-heal, especially when we are reminded of our tools to do so.

Wombn of Yahawah pray to create a safe space for wombn to address trauma for the purpose of self-healing, ending old cycles & moving forward with love.

"Whatever our idea of God is, we are not supposed to unnecessarily suffer. Suffering is a part of life, but like anything else it flows in & out of us. It is not supposed to become a permanent resident in our Souls."

- Elena Avila, Woman Who Glows In The Dark

Disclaimer: Wombn of Yahawah’s care-providers are not licensed therapist, counselors or psychologist. Our providers offer information and content stemming from trainings, certifications, the wisdom of elders and personal experience. Nothing herein is to be taken as advice from a licensed professional, nor should it replace a session with a licensed professional if a client deems necessary.

Wombn of Yahawah’s providers are continuing their educations in these realms & look forward to updating this disclaimer.